The Gender Gap

The National Center for Education Statistics states that only 19% of the computer science degrees awarded in 2016 were towards women. Eric Walden says that there is a large shortage in the total amount of IT people in the world, and that suggests that if a larger amount of women perused the IT field, it would lead to a larger overall number of IT folk.

It is said that women typically have a higher cognitive ability to have good knowledge over multiple subjects whereas men typically put all their knowledge into one or only a few subjects. So, women will typically go away from IT if they feel like there is a larger amount of career opportunities in a different field. This seems to be the major role.

I feel like the gender gap in general when it comes to jobs is pretty unsettling. Americans in the past always had the idea that the men were the “workers” and the women were the “nourishers” or “caretakers”, so seeing a gender gap for this reason wouldn’t surprise me. Women have also been underrepresented in the working field, so that may be another reason.

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